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Meeting Schedule for 2017

January  31 - Planning Meeting

February 28 - General Membership Meeting. Hands Only CPR Training.

March 28 - Planning Meeting

April 25 -  General Membership Meeting. Presentations on Red Cross Reunification Program by Shawna Collins N2TUJ and

Military Affiliate Radio System by Les Dershem K9CAV.

May 23 - Planning Meeting. Moved from last Tuesday of the month due to the holiday.

June 27 - General Membership Meeting. Presentation on Terrorism Awareness by Don Parker KB8PSL

July 25 - Planning Meeting

August 29 - General Membership Meeting. Presentation on CERT by Laurie Rohrbach

September 26 - Planning Meeting

October 24 - General Membership  Meeting.  Presentation on APRS by Glenn Gombert KD8TSR

November 28 - Planning Meeting

December - No Meeting.


Meeting Schedule for 2018

January 30 - Planning Meeting

February 27 - General Membership Meeting

March 27 -  Planning Meeting

April 24 - General Membership Meeting

May - No meeting due to HamVention

June 26 -  General Membership Meeting

July 31 - Planning Meeting

August 28 - General Membership Meeting

September 25 - Planning Meeting

October 23 - General Membership Meeting (Moved up one week due to Halloween)

November 27 - Planning Meeting

December - No Meeting


All amateur radio operators are welcome to attend the general membership meetings.  Membership in Montgomery County ARES is not a requirement.




Operation Black Swan 17

The 2017 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will occur from October 1 to October 15. The primary operational period for Montgomery County ARES will be from 9:00 am to noon on October 7, 2017. We would like to have as many amateur radio operators as possible to participate this year’s test.


The SET will begin upon the activation of the Montgomery County Priority Traffic (MOCOPT) email/page.  This will occur sometime after 8:30 am.  Montgomery County ARES will establish a Information/Resource Net on the 146.640 (+) PL 123.0 K8MCA Repeater.  The exercise will conclude by 1200 hours.  When checking in, the Net Control Station will ask you the following questions: 

1) Are able to deploy?

2) Are you on emergency power?

3) Were you first licensed before or after 2013? 



Operation Black Swan 17 Update

This year’s simulated scenario will be a chain of severe storms that brings havoc from Iowa to Ohio. In hardest-hit areas, power remains out for several days, with water and food supplies exhausting.  Amateur radio operators establish and maintain communication on behalf of agencies and NGOs, as well as affected members of the public.     


At approximately 0900 hours, I will initiate notifications regarding the SET via the Montgomery County Priority Traffic List.  Participating members and/or agencies will check in on the resource net on the 146.640 (-) PL 123.0 K8MCA repeater and await further instructions.  A command/tactical net for hospitals/EMA/Red Cross will later be set up on the 444.250 (+) PL 123.0 K8MCA repeater.  The Montgomery County exercise is scheduled to conclude by 1200 hours.


The overview exercise has been named Black Swan 17.  I have included information in this email regarding this exercise.  The overall event will start on October 1 and will conclude on October 15.  Many other organizations will play at various different times, however District 3 ARES has agreed to the 0900 to 1200 hour operating window.


Served Agencies:  

Montgomery County Regional Dispatch (3 operators - VHF/UHF)

German Township (2 operators - HF/VHF/UHF) – awaiting decision to participate

Net Control 64 Resource Net (2 operators - VHF/UHF)

Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management (1-2 operators) – awaiting decision to participate

Dayton Chapter of American Red Cross

Miami Valley Hospital(s) – awaiting decision to participate

Good Samaritan Hospital(s) – awaiting decision to participate

Kettering Health Network (KH, GV, SV, SH, HEC, FEC)  Kettering, Sycamore and Franklin have been given approval to participate.  Awaiting decision on other hospitals.

Dayton Skywarn



Montgomery County ARES Resource/Info Net – 146.640 (-) pl 123.0

Montgomery County ARES Simplex –  146.415

Kettering Health Network – 147.075 (+) pl 67.0

Premier Health Network – 444.2125 (+) pl 123.0

District 3 ARES Tac/Command Net – 444.250 (+) pl 123.0

District 3 ARES Digital – 442.750 (+) pl 123.0

Ohio ARES Net – 3.902 / 7.240 LSB

Ohio Digital Emergency Net (ODEN) – 3.585 USB



Operation Black Swan 17 and 60 Meters

Amateurs have secondary access and there may be other non-amateur transmissions there with which amateurs are not to interfere. Amateurs have it for cross-service interoperability in emergencies, and sometimes there are tests for that interoperability like BLACK SWAN.


The reason I'm raising the idea is that I just got a phone call from an Ohio-based AF MARS station participating in BLACK SWAN 17. I learned from that call that during BLACK SWAN 17 interoperability net session last night, the AF MARS station was checking in (net control in Iowa), and an (apparent—he refused to identify) amateur transmitted that the MARS callsign was "invalid and not on QRZ," so the station was to "go away."


You're probably aware that federal stations operate under authority that is coordinated with but not part of FCC's purview and our report-of-harmful-interference procedures are different, and submitted up to the various program offices that govern the specific service we're operating under. We're making recordings and collect much more detail than amateur stations, and probably even enough that we can start DFing the rogue station.


So if there is a rogue station, let the Feds track him.  On our part, please remember there WILL BE strange callsigns involved, they will be MARS and other SHARES type stations. We’re happy to have them, and we don’t have quite the same concerns on 60 as the rest of the amateur bands with callsign variations.



More on 60 Meter Operation


  1. U.S. Government and amatuer stations are authorized to interoperate on the 60 meters channels where amateur operators have secondary privileges for BLACK SWAN 17, 1-15 October 2017.

  2. BLACK SWAN 17 CONOPS designates channel 4 (centered at 5.373 MHz) as the primary operating channel, and that exercise traffic is to move to a clear channel to avoid interference. Exercise traffic is to yield to real-world traffic. BLACK SWAN traffic should take no more than one channel on 60 meters; stations transmitting on frequency should do so for the specific purpose of cross-service interoperability to ensure efficient use of circuits.

  3. Digital transmissions are permissible, using MT63-1kL, centered at 1500 Hz.

  4. As of this writing, there is no schedule for net control assignment.

  5. Stations assuming net control for BLACK SWAN on 60 meters should operate free nets, help to maintain circuit discipline, and otherwise support expected use of the channel.

  6. Net control stations are to maintain logs of stations checking in and major activities.

  7. Net control stations are to send logs by email to

  8. The net control script calls for stations as follows, no less than four times per hour. NB amateur stations will need to identify with their callsign before “OUT” to comply with 47 CFR 97.119.





(Welcoming station to the net): [REMOTE STATION] THIS IS [CALLSIGN]. WE HAVE YOU IN THE NET AT [TIME, IN ZULU]. (Also, ask the station how long they will be checked in, and be prepared to exchange signal reports if requested.)


(No more stations checking in after second call): THIS IS [CALLSIGN]. NOTHING HEARD. THE NET IS FREE. OUT.





From Laurie Rohrbach

Disaster Preparedness Training - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 

Sponsored by the German Twp. Police Department and the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management


This course is designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Because emergency services personnel will not be able to help everyone immediately, you can make a difference by using this training to save lives and protect property.


Subjects covered include disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical/first aid, light search and rescue, CERT organization, and disaster psychology, with a mock disaster on the final night.


This free 20 hour course will be taught by certified instructors and experienced emergency services personnel. The class will be held Wednesday-October 18th, Thursday-October 19th, Wednesday-October 25th, Thursday-October 26th, and Wednesday-November 1st, from 6:00pm-10:00pm each night at the German Twp. building, 12102 State Route 725 West, German Township. Most topics are hands-on. Those attending the training will be supplied with a free CERT kit.

For more information and to sign up for the class, contact Laurie Rohrbach at the German Twp. Police Dept. at 855-7215 or by email at






2017 Calendar of Events



Montgomery County COAD Meeting

January 18, 2017 at 3 PM at the Food Bank at 156 Amor Place.



Montgomery Greene Local Emergency Response Council Quarterly Meeting

January 27, 2017 at 9 AM. Go to for more information.



Montgomery County Skywarn Training

March 11, 2017 at Miami Valley Hospital in the Berry Women's Health Pavilion auditorium. Basic Spotter training from 9 AM to noon and Advanced Spotter Training from 1 PM to 4:30 PM. Go to for more information.



District 3 ARES Meeting

March 18, 2017. 9 AM to noon at the Dayton Red Cross Building.



Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week

March 19-25, 2017.  For more information go to



Statewide Tornado Drill

March 22, 2017 at 9:50 AM. For more information go to



Ohio ARES Conference

April 1, 2017 at Marion Technical College, 1467 Mount Vernon Avenue. Go to www.arrl-ohio/SEC/ for more information.



ThinkTV Great TV Auction

April 3-8, 2017 at WPTD/WPTO Studio. Volunteers are needed to escort phone workers to the parking garage. Montgomery County ARES will cover both shifts on Wednesday, April 5.  Contact Fred Stone at to schedule a shift.



“Make A Difference…Save A Life” 5k Race/Walk”  

April 15, 2017. Dayton VA Center. Montgomery County ARES is providing on-site communication for this event.  Plan to arrive by 8:45 AM to receive your assignment. The race begins at 10:00 AM and should be finished no later than noon. We will be operating on the 444.25 repeater.  Please contact EC Rob Flory at if you can assist.



Montgomery County COAD Meeting

April 19, 2017 at 3 PM at the Food Bank at 156 Amor Place.



Ohio NVIS Antenna Day

 April 22, 2017



Montgomery Greene Local Emergency Response Council Quarterly Meeting

April 28, 2017. Go to for more information.



The Dayton Autism Society’s 5K Walk/Run and Resource Fair

April 29, 2017.  Payne Recreation Center, 3800 Main Street, Moraine, Ohio. Montgomery County ARES is supporting this event again this year.  Plan to report to the staging area by 8:00 AM. The race begins at 9:00 AM and should last no more than two hours. Please contact EC Rob Flory at if you can assist.  Tee shirts will be provided for the volunteers so sign up and give Rob your shirt size ASAP.   Go to for more information about the event.



Dayton Hamvention

May 19-21, 2017. Go to for more information



ARRL Field Day

June 24 - 25, 2017. Go to for more information.



Montgomery County COAD Meeting

July 19, 2017 at 3 PM at the Food Bank at 156 Amor Place.



Montgomery Greene Local Emergency Response Council Quarterly Meeting

July 28, 2017. Go to for more information. 



Mound Amateur Radio Association Swap Meet

August 5-6, 2017. Annual MARA swap meet



Bike MS, Oxford Ohio

Operators are needed to support this event. Contact person is Steve Lewis at Click here for for more information.



District 3 ARES Meeting

August  19, 2017.



Ohio QSO Party

August 26, 2017. Go to for more information.



Kettering Holiday at Home 5K Race and Parade

September 4, 2017.



United States Air Force Marathon

September 16, 2017.



District 3 ARES Meeting

September 23, 2017.  



Simulated Emergency Test

October 7, 2017.



Montgomery County COAD Meeting

October 18, 2017 at 3 PM at the Food Bank at 156 Amor Place.



Montgomery Greene Local Emergency Response Council Quarterly Meeting

October 27, 2017. Go to for more information. 



Miamisburg Turkey Trot

November 23, 2017



Skywarn Recognition Day

December 2, 2017.